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Rejusure Salicylic Acid Moisturizer

Deeply Cleanses the Skin

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Key Benefits

FIGHTS ACTIVE ACNE: The power of Salicylic Acid in this moisturizer helps in fighting active acne and offering deep level exfoliation. It also plays an important role in clearing excess oil and unclogging pores to prevent the occurrence of new acne.

DEEPLY MOISTURIZES SKIN: Daily dose of deep moisturization is the key to healthy skin. Salicylic Acid Face Moisturizer keeps your skin supple leaving any greasy residue. Enriched with the hydrating and soothing properties of Shea Butter, the moisturizer penetrates deep into the skin to offer essential nourishment. Yay! It’s time for deeply moisturized skin.

WHO IS IT SUITABLE FOR: Suitable for all skin types, this moisturizer is for anyone looking to achieve mositurized and acne-free skin.

CLEAN & TRANSPARENT BEAUTY - This product is paraben free, dye free, essential oil free, cruelty free, Vegan & Dermatologist tested.


Restore your skin's natural, beautiful glow with Rejusure Salicylic Acid Moisturizer. It is an intense hydrator and moisturizer that effectively nourishes dry, damaged, and dull skin. It is specially formulated for acne and fights the signs of aging.

  • This moisturizer fights existing acne and helps prevent future breakouts, leaving skin soft and free from dryness, peeling, and irritation.
  • Its effectively formulated to work towards reducing skin problems like dry skin, dark patches, sun spots, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity.
  • It is an essential blend of natural skincare ingredients that keeps skin blemish-free, prevents discoloration, and even age spots.
  • Rejusure Products are paraben free, sulphate-free , gluten free, cruelty free & Environment friendly

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Know What Goes Into The Product

  • Salicylic Acid can help to clear out excess oils from the skin and reduce sebum levels.
  • Shea Butter fights breakouts and delivers oil-free hydration for oily or acne-prone skin.
  • The lightweight formula is perfect for daily use containing maximum-strength for acne-fighting medicine and soothing botanical extracts.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Dr.jhalak gandhi

Rejusure Salicylic Acid Moisturizer

Damini Gupta

Rejusure Salicylic Acid Moisturizer

Ali Arif
Just Average

This is the first I'm using moisturizer with this consistency and it does moisturizes your skin but can be greasy for oily skin
The fragrance is the main problem here it's so strong and pathetic.

Anamika Sheoran

Rejusure Salicylic Acid Moisturizer

Angil Topno

Rejusure Salicylic Acid Moisturizer