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Science Behind Rejusure

REJUSURE creates magic using ingredients that work synergistically. The result is a flawless, lightweight product which empowers the overall health of your skin.

Your skin is a life driving force. It will react to anything that you apply to it. Based on pure organic principles, REJUSURE taps into this life driving force, giving your skin that buoyant glow. Starting with cultivation straight through to manufacturing, REJUSURE products are formulated using organic and natural ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. We believe that true beauty is a state of awareness which is why extreme care is taken to use minimal heat in the manufacturing process, therefore preserving every vital nutrient that nature provides in its most original occurance.


REJUSURE strives to not only use the highest quality of ingredients, but to keep those ingredients healthy on the shelf to reduce rancidity that can cause free radical damage to the skin. Aloe Vera Gel is a key ingredient in REJUSURE products, known for high levels of lauric and caprylic acid which have high antibacterial and antifungal properties. A powerful extract of rosemary is also used in products, known for its preservative properties.

Rejusure unique formula is put together through extensive research & clinical studies and the product efficacy is tested and proven by dermatologists. All effective ingredients in the Rejusure formulation function synergistically to lighten skin color through a process that is natural, reversible and completely safe.

Rejusure is constantly looking at bringing in innovations that suit consumer’s needs and aspiration.


In-House R&D Team

We have our own team research and development team for innovating products as per your needs.

Own Product Manufacturing

Our in-house quality assurance team ensures each product is manufactured as per the R&D done.

Tried and Tested Products

Every product undergoes quality checking and is released only after approval by ISO GLP Certified Lab.

Tried and Tested Ingredients

All the ingredients used in formulation are quality checked in an ISO GLP Certified Lab.

In-House Formulation developed for all Products

We have our own team to crack the science behind generating formulas to make the products.


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