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5 Easy Makeup Looks for Diwali Bash

Posted by Karan Gupta on
5 Easy Makeup Looks for Diwali Bash

The celebration of lights and happiness is around the corner. Diwali comes with a lot of joy and responsibilities. Deciding outfits, makeup, gifts and the list never ends. Well, we can't fix it all, but we can figure out one thing for you; your signature Diwali look. Here are 5 iconic makeup looks for Diwali 2k22.  

The Boho Babe: 

Source: Pinterest 

Most people think Boho is all about the junk and heavy jewellery, whereas all will be vain if the makeup isn’t appropriate. 

  • Moisturize your face and then apply a primer. Using a sulphate-free moisturizer like Rejusure's Salicylic acid moisturizer. It hydrates your skin tone and leaves no greasy residue behind.  
  • Apply a foundation and put concealer to hide minor imperfections like pimples or acne.  
  • Set the base with loose powder for a brighter look 
  •  Apply a nude shade in the inner corner of your eyelids, and a darker shade (preferably chocolate brown) goes on the outer thirds. A little bit of golden shimmer does not harm this gorgeous eye makeup. 
  • Curl your lashes with voluminous mascara because it's gonna be the USP of this look. 
  • Apply nude eyeliner on your lower waterline. 
  • Apply a brown shade tint on your cheekbones to contour your face.  
  • Put some highlighter on the nose, chin, and cheekbones.  
  • Finish this look with an intense coffee shade or any dark brown shade lipstick. 

The 70s Diva: 

Let's take a time capsule and go back to the golden era of over-lined lips and polka dots. 70's- the era when Bollywood shined to its prime. Whenever we say retro makeup, the first picture that comes to our mind is Mumtaz in her gorgeous orange saree or Rekha with her glossy dark lips. 

  • Clear your face with some cleansing pads, like Rejusure's Vitamin C cleansing pads. It protects your skin from tanning and gives a radiant look.  
  • Prep your face with a long-lasting primer.  
  • Retro makeup is all about a super-matte foundation with lots of powder. Apply a matte foundation on your face and set the base with finishing powder.  
  • Now it's time to recreate the dramatic retro cat eye makeup. First, apply a light shade base just above your crease line. 
  • Top it off with some light brown shade and blend it properly.  
  • Now comes the challenge, which is the iconic double-winged eyeliner. Start by drawing an extended line from the outer edge and draw a line that flicks inwards while creating a curve. Next, make sure the liner thins gradually to the inner corner. Another tip while recreating this look is the more extravagant your eyeliner is, the more authentic it will look.  
  • To create a double wing liner, draw an extension from the lower lash line and match it with the above lash line.  
  • Apply a white kajal on your lower water line. 
  • Apply two-three coats of mascara on the upper and lower lashes.  
  • Apply some nude pink blush on your cheek apples.  
  • Finish the look with a liquid matte coral red or orange lip shade. 

The Minimalist: 

Source: Pinterest 

If you are not a fan of crazy makeup and if you are not someone to experiment with funky beauty products, this look is made for you. This elegant girl next door looks suits for Diwali puja, card party, office Diwali bash, and in almost every possible get-together.  

  • The base of a low-key makeup look is clear skin. Wash your face properly and massage it with some serum. You can use hydrating serums like Rejusure's 2.5% Hyaluronic acid serum. This non-toxic facial serum evens skin tone and reduces dryness.  
  • BB cream is your friend if the weather is warm and sunny. Put some droplets over your face and neck and massage for 2-3 minutes.  
  • Dab a little bit of foundation to set the makeup base.  
  • Hide your dark circles and blemishes with concealer. 
  • Give a lift to your cheek with some neutral shade tint.  
  • Highlight your eyes with kajal and the famous winged eyeliner. 
  • Finish this elegant look with some nude pink lip shade. 

The Traditional Chick: 

Source: Pinterest 

Which is the best makeup for a saree? Is it what you are wondering about your next Diwali puja? Here goes the answer. No matter how many fusions or low-key looks come to the market, traditional chic will always be on the throne.  

  • Hydrate your face with Rejusure's Green Tea facemist. It calms down the skin and makes them ready to absorb the makeup.  
  • Apply a long-lasting primer, and then go for a thin foundation layer. 
  • Pick a darker shade concealer to hide acne, pimples, and blemishes.  
  • Set the base with a translucent powder, especially if you have an oily T zone.  
  • Apply some bronzer to create some depth and shadows.  
  • Go vibrant with the blush; dab some pink or maroon blush or tint on your cheeks. 
  • Apply a neutral eyeshadow. 
  • Highlight your eyes with winged eyeliner and kajal. Keep in mind that this is an Indian look, so put a thicker layer. 
  • Enhance your lashes with some mascara.  
  • Choose a red or maroon liquid matte lip shade for this look.  
  • Lock the look with a tinge of highlighter on the nose and chin. 

The Pop Queen: 

Thinking about what is the best party makeup? Well, the answer depends on a lot of factors, but one thing that always works for high-society Diwali bashes is poppy makeup. Vibrancy and colour blocking never leaves their place.  

  • Start with the eye region. Choose a two-shade lighter concealer to cover the dark circles and blemishes.  
  • Use a pigmented eye shadow primer. Instead of blending, stamp the eyeshadow first to enhance the poppy shades.  
  • Apply a thicker line of pigmented purple or pink eye shadow in the lower lids and blend it well. If you want to go a little experimental, you can add a shimmery shade too.  
  • Ace the eye makeup with some winged eyeliner. 
  • Coming back to the face, it has to be subtle to create a balance. So start with a moisturizing serum. Then a thin layer of liquid foundation and keep dabbing (be careful in the eye region).  
  • Add a touch of pink cheek tints.  
  • Finish the makeup with some nude lip gloss. 


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